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5 Fun Gross Motor Activities for Kids

Gross motor skills are when you use the large muscles in your body in a coordinated way such as sitting, walking, jumping, etc. Gross motor skills can help with balance, coordination, and even stress relief in kids. Playing at your neighborhood park is a simple way to improve gross motor skills in kids but sometimes a more focused approach can be helpful too. Continue reading for five easy gross motor activities you can do with your child at home!

1. Stick Ladder by Happy Toddler Playtime

Have your kids gather up some sticks and get moving outside with this fun activity for all ages created by Happy Toddler Playtime.

2. Balloon Jump by Stay at Home Activity Mom

Get your kids moving (and laughing) inside with this DIY balloon jump. So easy and fun! There is just something about balloons that ups the excitement level with kids!

3. Movement Songs by Engaging Littles

Get moving and dancing with your kids by playing these catchy movement songs featured on Engaging Littles blog. Some of these songs are great for working on following directions as well as gross motor development. It's a win win!

4. Alphabet Run by Stay at Home Activity Mom

Get outside and running around with this fun activity called Alphabet Run. The great thing about this game is kids not only get their bodies moving but can practice letter recognition, letter sounds, or even sight words.

5. Stepping Stones

This toy is a fun way to work on balance inside or outside of your home. You can set them up in a line, zig zag, circle... the options are endless. Kids also enjoy using them to play the old favorite game of "the floor is lava". They are a bit of a splurge item but super fun and open ended!

Hopefully these ideas will help you be able to focus in on some gross motor skill activities for your kids. Happy playing!

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