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8 Great Ways to Play with Magnetic Tiles

Updated: Jan 24

1. Color Race by Stay at Home Activity Mom

This is such fun activity your child can play with just you or the whole family. Have the colored bears (or any other small toys/trinkets you have) race to the end of the magnetic tile board. The homemade spinner makes this game even more fun!

2. Magnetic Tile Play Clock by Chasing 40 Toes

Grab 12 magnetic triangle tiles and a magnetic white board and you are ready to go. The 12 triangles fit into a perfect circle and make for a unique way to practice telling time on a clack.

3. Jungle Animal Measurement by Stay at Home Activity Mom

This activity is an awesome way to introduce nonstandard units of measurement (measuring using things other than a ruler) to your child. They will be learning and having fun all at the same time!

4. Shopping Cart Play by Mama in the Galaxy

Need to run some errands? Pack some of your magnetic tiles in a bag and bring them along with you. Your child will have a great time playing with them in the cart and it's a nice alternative from always handing over your phone to keep them entertained while you shop.

5. Word Play by Stay at Home Activity Mom

When practicing word families, it is always a great idea to switch up where and how you practice. For this activity, we went outside to the garage door and stuck our magnetic tiles on there. Then, we were able to practice building different words. It is a great way to practice word families, sight words, spelling words, etc.

6. Parking Cars by My Busy Kid

This activity is perfect for your car loving kids! A fun new way to play with the cars and magnetic tiles you already have.

7. Shape Sorting by Montessori Dad

This activity is a fresh take on matching up shapes and colors. The magnetic white board easel adds an extra element of fun!

8. Side of the Car by Stay at Home Activity Mom

This is such a fun and unique way to play with your magnetic tiles. Head outside and start putting the tiles on your car. Your kids will love it! Another fun variation while you are out there... try the garage door!

Looking to start your collection of magnet tiles or add more to what you already have? Click the commissionable links below for two great options at varying price points.

32 piece Magna-Tiles:

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There are so many fun ways your children can play with magnetic tiles inside and outside of your house. Hopefully these eight ideas will help spark your imagination! Have fun!

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