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Christmas Activities For Kids!

I've made it easy for you by putting all of my Christmas activities in one place! No need to scroll through my instagram feed to find one to do this week! Each activity will have the picture and supplies needed, along with a link back to the original instagram post for more information! I hope this is helpful! Comment at the bottom your very favorite activity!

1. Roll & Light

Supplies: paper, marker, die, something to dot with (finger paint, dot markers, etc.)

2. Make a Tree Challenge

Supplies: magnet tiles or something to build with

3. DIY Holiday Leaves

Supplies: Leaves, acrylic paint markers

4. Don't Drop the Present

Supplies Needed: Cup, popsicle sticks, a little present or something similar to "not drop"

5. Make a 10 Stockings

Supplies: paper, marker, red and green dot markers (or regular markers)

6. DIY ornaments

Supplies: cardboard, scissors, glue, marker, wrapping paper, colored paper, sequins/glitter

7. Wrapping Paper Name

Supplies: long piece of paper, marker, wrapping paper, scissors, glue

8. Name Tree

Supplies: paper, marker, dot markers

9. Playdough Gingerbread House

Supplies: square tissue box, playdough, craft supplies for decorating

10. Wreath Color Match

Supplies: paper, colored markers, colored dot stickers (the same colors as the markers)

11. Present Patterns

Supplies: cardboard, clear packaging tape, different designs of washi tape, scissors, marker

12. Snowflake Math

Supplies: paper, Marker, dot stickers

13. Christmas Dot Art

Supplies: paper, dot stickers, scissors

14. Bow Numbers

Supplies: paper, marker, painter's tape, gift bows

15. Make a 10 Cracker

Supplies: graham crackers, yogurt or something to spread, chocolate chips and mini marshmallows

16. Make a Snowman Sensory Bin

Supplies: sensory bin, huge block of frozen ice (optional), marshmallows, toothpicks, pipe cleaners, pom poms

17. Cheerio Christmas Tree

Supplies: cup, tree branches, cheerios

18. Cardboard Christmas Tree Tray

Supplies: cardboard box, scissors, glue gun, wrapping paper, a filler (like dyed chickpeas and pom poms)