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  • SAHAM Team

DIY Shatterproof Snow Globes

These snow globes are such a fun project to make as class gifts, during a holiday playdate, or for something fun to do during Winter Break. Click here to see the reel on Stay at Home Activity Mom's Instagram account.


Commissionable links have been included when possible. Some items you may have better luck finding at your local craft store if you're in a time crunch to get these done and don't want to wait for shipping.

  • Plastic Snowglobes: The ones in the reel were purchased at Dollar Tree but may not come in time depending on shipping speeds and when you need them. Here is a set from Amazon but not as great of a price point.

  • Holiday Trinkets: These are not the exact ones from the Instagram reel but are very similar and just as cute!

Click here or here for Christmas trinkets options

Click here for mini snowmen

Click here for mini trees

  • Clear Glue: (click here for large size if you're making a class set of snow globes)

  • hot glue

  • water

  • glitter (the chunkier the better)


Hot glue the trinkets of your choice on the inside lid that pops into the snow globe. Wait several hours to be sure they are completely dry. Then, put in about 10-15 pumps of clear glue (or use a small tube of glitter glue). Fill the rest of the globe with water. Stir and add in a pinch of glitter. Pop the inner lid back in. Hot glue or super glue that lid back in. Finally, put the outer screw on lid back on. Shake and enjoy!

We hope you enjoy making these snow globes with friends or family. They are always a hit with kids! If you make one, tag Stay at Home Activity Mom on Instagram. We would love to see what you created!

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