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Feelings and Growth Mindset for Preschool + Unit 16 release

Identifying feelings and learning about growth mindset are both really important things that can be introduced and taught in a playful way in preschool.

Unit 16 of Play at Home Preschool is here and does just that!

This unit is two weeks of hands-on, play-based preschool learning activities focusing on feelings, growth mindset, and all the essential preschool skills.

Each day consists of a literacy or math activity, a second activity (any type of activity ranging from art, character education, fine motor, gross motor, STEM, etc.) and a daily letter work activity for the two focus letters of the unit.

Check out Unit 16: Feelings and Growth Mindset HERE!

For those of you that have already purchased/are planning on purchasing the unit, please consider using the below affiliate links to get any supplies and/or suggested books that you need. Thank you for your support!


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Thanks for your support!

-Brittany (Stay at Home Activity Mom)

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