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FREE week of fun RAINBOW summer activities for kids!

Looking for fun and simple things to do at home with your kids this summer? Look no further! Summer Fun with Stay at Home Activity Mom is here to help!

With 10 fun play-based learning activities for the week that can easily be adapted for all kids (toddlers all the way through upper elementary), your kids will have a blast! These activities can be done individually, as a family, with siblings, etc. They are simple and easy to prep, the supply list isn't crazy, and they are organized by type of activity (sensory, fine motor/gross motor, math/literacy, STEM/STEAM, and arts & crafts).

You can pick and choose the activities and the order of the activities as well, making it something that you can easily incorporate into your summer however you wish! Take the activity planning time away and download the rainbow week today!

Why is it FREE?

Because I'm feeling generous ;)

No but really, I got this idea for me to create for my own kids. So I figured, why not share it to hopefully help another mom, dad, nanny, grandparent, etc. this summer.

This product did take a great deal of time and energy. I'm happy to share it with you for FREE to help you all out! If you like the activity and would like to help me out, please spread the word, share it with your mom friends, pin it on Pinterest, join our email list, follow along with us on instagram @stayathomeactivitymom, etc. This way you can also be the first to know when my next Summer Fun Week is released!

Also, consider checking out my at home preschool units, Play at Home Preschool, if you have a preschool-age child. There's 18 themed units (2 weeks each), specifically designed for preschoolers to help prepare them for pre-k and/or kindergarten. The format is similar to my Summer Fun with Stay at Home Activity Mom, but there's 25+ activities in each unit, along with many other wonderful resources.


Download PDF • 3.62MB

Finally, if you're planning on doing our Summer Fun with us and there's supplies you need to purchase, consider using my affiliate links below.

{As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases}

Summer Fun with SAHAM Supplies for Rainbow Week:

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