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Holiday (or anytime) Travel Activities

Updated: Jan 19

Many families have holiday travel plans coming up during Winter Break. Often one of the worries about travel for parents is what will you do to keep the kids busy in the car or airplane on the way to your destination. Keep reading for a few fun travel activities that are easy to pack and will help keep your child busy while you travel. Many items are also great to pull out at restaurants or other times where your child might need to wait patiently for awhile.

Toy Box

Get a small plastic container with a lid and grab some play dough and random trinkets and throw them in there. The more random the better haha! Sometimes new items or ones your child has forgotten about help peak their interest. Close the lid, throw it in your travel bag, and pull it out when they are needing something new to do. Click the picture to see more details on Instagram. Here is a sample box with dividers that would work nicely.

Wikki Sticks

These are the perfect toy to throw in your bag and bring with you on the plane, in the car, or at restaurants. They are super portable and come in a compact tube for easy storage. There are so many possibilities of what they can create. Can they make the letters in their name? Maybe they can build their favorite animal or make a shape pattern? Wikki Sticks truly are great for all ages!

Snack Bin

This is an easy roadtrip hack. Grab a bin from the dollar store and fill it up with snacks you know your kids will like. Sometimes, it's fun to add in some snacks they don't get often at home to make it a bit more exciting. Bring a small empty box to collect the trash and you're all set to hit the road.

Puffy Sticker Activity Book

These books come in so many themes and are really nice quality. They are a good size to pack in a backpack and the stickers are reusable when used on the included activity book. Kids of all ages enjoy them!

Cereal Bracelet

Pipe cleaners and a bag of your favorite O shaped cereal is all you need for this fun "snacktivity". Let your child string cereal onto the pipe cleaner to make cereal bracelets or bring yarn and make cereal necklaces instead. The best part of this activity is that they can eat the leftovers when they are done or eat the cereal right off of the bracelet!

LCD Writing Tablet

This is a more modern version of the classic Etch-a-Sketch. Kids really like these drawing tablets because the included pen writes in color on the black screen and they feel a bit like something a grownup would use. Kids can draw on them over and over again and when they are ready to clear the screen they just push the button at the bottom and the drawings disappear.

Playdough Jar

These playdough jars are the perfect size for travel and are extra fun because they come with themed trinkets. Playdough combined with trinkets is always a hit for kids young and old!

Water Wow!

Water Wow books are pages that have mystery pictures that appear when they are painted over with the water wow pen. You do have to fill the pen with water yourself so that is something to keep in mind if you bring these on an airplane. Kids really enjoy these and once the pages dry, you can use them again and again. They also come in so many themes so there is sure to be one that all of your kids will like.

Buckle Toy

You don't want to pass up this toy for your younger toddler. If they like playing with buckles this toy is for them! It will keep them busy for quite awhile and can be pulled out over and over! It's a great toy for practicing their fine motor skills as well.

Hopefully one or more of these ideas is new to you and can help make your trip a smooth one. Click on any of the commissionable links above to purchase any of these items for your travel bag. Safe travels friends!

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