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Let's Learn and Play for Valentine's Day!

We have gathered up 12 of our favorite STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) based Valentine's activities for you to try with your kids. There are so many fun ones to choose from! Click on the title of any activity to be linked to the full description on Instagram. We hope you have fun playing and learning! *Some small parts are included in the activities below. Please provide direct supervision when using them.*

Color by Number

This is a great activity for kids of all ages! First draw a heart, divide it into random sections, write a number in each section, then create a color key at the bottom of the page with the same numbers you used in the heart. If you need to make it a bit more simple, try using less numbers. Do you have older kids that want to do this too? Create simple math problems inside each section, the answer to the problem will tell them what color to use according to the key. It's alway nice when an activity can meet the needs of all different age kids.

Heart Boats

Use your favorite water table or under the bed storage bin for this fun, water sensory bin! You will need foam hearts for the "boats", some acrylic vase fillers (if you have them) and whatever little cups and scoopers you have around. You could always add other little trinkets you have if you don't have vase fillers. If you want to be extra festive, add a drop of pink food coloring and/or some biodegradable glitter into the water. There is no right or wrong way for this activity. Let your kids explore and play how they would like. Challenge them to see what they can balance on the "boats". They can even make predictions first about what will cause the boats to sink. If it is super cold outside where you live, you can either use warm water in the bin or bring the bin inside and lay a few towels underneath the bin first.

Magic Heart Art

Draw some hearts on white construction paper. Take a white crayon and fill the inside of the hearts with little messages or designs. Let your child paint with watercolor paints over the hearts and watch the magic. This activity is always a big hit! Painting hack: use an ice cube tray for your kids to rinse off their brushes! The water stays cleaner longer and you can even have a designated side for each kid if your little ones argue over who is making the water dirty haha!

Heart Tape Balance

This is a classic Stay at Home Activity Mom activity! Take 2 strips of painters tape and tape them to two different surfaces of equal height with the sticky side down. Grab some candy hearts to balance on top. It's as simple as that, but still so fun and engaging!

Sticker Math

Write the numbers 1-10 on a piece of paper. Give your child little heart stickers and have them put the same amount of stickers as the number. For example, 1 sticker on the 1, 2 stickers on the 2, and so on. If you have older kids, you can try this with simple number sentences (such as 2+3=) to make it a bit more challenging. This is such a simple activity yet it works on so many skills such as number sense and fine motor practice.

Heart Coloring

Draw 4 hearts in each color of marker, then make a simple key at the top of the page to show your child how to color each heart. For this project we used marker, dot marker, paint, then colored pencil. Give your child the supplies they need and let them get to it! You might be surprised how long they will want to sit and work on this project. It's a good one to set up next to you while you get some of your own work done, or even to just enjoy your coffee while it is still hot!

Heart Math Art

On a piece of cardboard or thick paper, draw a big heart. We suggest not using regular paper because the tape can rip it when you're done. Section the heart using painter’s tape into lots of different sized sections. On cut strips of sticky notes, write simple math problems (or you could do letter matching, shapes, number to tally marks, etc.) and place them in the sections. Add a color coded key based on your answers and bring out those colors of paint, markers, or crayons. When you are done, peel the tape off and enjoy your artwork!

Balance the Hearts

For this activity you will need paper cups, craft sticks, and conversation hearts. You can give the supplies to your child and let them play however they want or you can provide them with a bit more guidance. You can challenge them to balance as many hearts as they can, give them a specific design to try and build, etc. This simple activity is so hands on and the possibilities are truly endless with what they can create.

Love Creatures

Take your favorite magnetic tiles (we love Magna-Tiles) and add some Valentine themed loose parts and wiggly eyes. That's all you need for this simple and fun project. Your kids will love using their imaginations to create love creatures. The best part of this project is there is no glue, tape, or mess involved!

Skittles Science

For this science experiment you will need Valentine colored Skittles (any color will work though), a heart cookie cutter, tray, and warm water. Line the inside edge of the cookie cutter with one row of skittles and then pour warm water over them. Watch as the colors move to the middle of the heart. There are so many great extensions you can do with this experiment such as making a hypothesis, recording observations, etc. This classic experiment is always a hit with little scientists at home!

Heart Letter Tree

Draw a simple tree on a piece of paper and write all 26 letters on or around the tree. Then, write the same letters on heart stickers. For the example below, we matched uppercase letters to uppercase letters (you could also do uppercase to lowercase or vice versa) by placing a heart sticker on the tree right on top of the same letter. This set up is super easy and can be easily changed to whatever you want (numbers, letters, shapes, etc.).

Heart Balloons

Draw some people on a piece of paper. Write a number underneath each person. Draw the same amount of strings for balloons as the number. Give your child heart stickers and let them make heart balloons by placing a heart sticker on top of each string.Besides working on math and fine motor skills, there’s some problem solving involved if you give heart stickers of various sizes. Your kids will have to figure out which stickers fit on which balloon strings. Want to make this a bit more challenging for your older kids? Leave the numbers off the paper and have your child count the strings and write the number themselves first.

We hope you are able to try out a few of these learning based Valentine's Day activities in the upcoming weeks. Let us know which one is your child's favorite. Happy Valentine's Day from the Stay at Home Activity Mom Team! Some commissionable links have been included in this post.

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