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Name Practice Activities

When a child is first learning their letters some of the most motivating and meaningful letters to start with are the letters in their first name. Below are some fun activities to help with learning their first name but could easily be changed to a last name or other important words your child is wanting to learn. Click the name of any activity below to be linked to the full description on Instagram.

Name Rainbow by Stay at Home Activity Mom

Write your child's name in all the rainbow colors... a red set, an orange set, and so on. Cut them out and have them place them in the matching color arc of the rainbow. You can make the activity more challenging as time goes on by flipping the letters over and mixing them up first to make it more of a "game".

Name Post Its by Stay at Home Activity Mom

Write one letter of your child's name on each post it (or cut squares of paper). Mix them up and have your child lay out the letters of their name in order. When you are first starting, you may need to have their name written at the top of the paper but as they get better with their name you can take that away to make it a bit harder. A fun twist on this activity is to hide all the letters around the house, have your child run and find them, then come back and put their name together. It's fun to add a little physical movement sometimes!

Build Your Name by Stay at Home Activity Mom

For this activity you will need craft sticks and pipe cleaners. Write your child's name largely on a piece of paper. Use the craft sticks for the straight lines and the pipe cleaners for the curves. Have your child build their name, bending the pipe cleaners as needed. This is a great one for hands on learners!

Sticky Name Board by Happy Toddler Playtime

Take packing tape or contact paper and put it sticky side up on the piece of cardboard. Go on a nature walk and gather fallen leaves, petals, and flowers to stick to the board. It's a great way to get outside and practice their name all at once!

Wrapping Paper Name by Stay at Home Activity Mom

Write your child's name in block letters on a roll of paper. Give them scrap pieces of wrapping paper or other craft/scrapbook paper you have lying around. Let them either rip or cut the paper scraps and glue them down inside the letters. This picture was taken with Christmas paper but can easily be done any time of year or for any theme.

Roll and Color By Stay at Home Activity Mom

This is a fun dice activity that will really feel like a game! Your child will roll the dice and color a letter using the corresponding chart. Depending how many letters are in your child't name and their counting skills, they may need a little help figuring out which color corresponds with which number.

Name Cut by Stay at Home Activity Mom

Take a piece of poster paper and write a letter of your child's name in each column. Use magazines (if you have any haha) and cut out the letters in their name that are all different colors and fonts. If you don't have any magazines laying around you could always use junk mail flyers or print out different fonts on your computer. Then let your child glue down the letters in the corresponding column. You can leave this up on the wall and return to it over time as well.

Name Dots by My Busy Kid

Write your child's name on paper leaving a little bit of space between each letter. Have them use dot markers and dot the letters in their name. So simple, but still so fun!

Roll and Write by Stay at Home Activity Mom

This is a fun variation of Roll and Color mentioned above. Divide your child's paper into empty sections. They will then roll a die and write their first name using whatever they are supposed to according to the chart. For example 1:crayon, 2: paint, 3: letter stamps, 4: marker, 5: make a name bracelet, and 6: rainbow write (each letter is a different color going in rainbow order). This activity is always a hit because it adds a fun element of art along with the name practice.

Wikki Stick Words by Stay at Home Activity Mom

Wilkki Sticks are such a fun, hands on toy. Get a pack here and let your child create their name using the Wiki Sticks. Let them play with them however they want after and then toss then in your travel bag for later. These are great for restaurant entertainment!

DIY Name Puzzle by Stay at Home Activity Mom

Take some old cardboard (or cut apart a box) into enough little squares to write one letter of your child's name on each square. You can get as creative or simple as you want for the coloring part. Then add sticky velcro dots to the back of each letter and onto the cardboard in a line. Have your child put the letters in the correct order. Save this activity because it will be something they will want to come back to again later.

We hope you and your child enjoy these activities. It's such an exciting time when children start recognizing letters in their name and learning how to spell it. Tag Stay at Home Activity Mom on Instagram in any of these activities you try! Have fun learning! Some commissionable links have been included in this blog.

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