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Painter's Tape Isn't Just For Painting!

Painter's tape/craft tape has so many fun uses for kids activities. Keep reading for 12 creative ways you can use craft tape in your home for children of all ages.

1 . Animal Rescue by Stay at Home Activity Mom

This can be done with any type of small toy animal/figurine your child enjoys playing with. Simply make an X using painters tape and have your child pull them off the wall to "rescue" them. Super simple for your young toddler or you can challenge older children to count how many they rescue, graph or sort the animals by color, etc. The possibilities are endless!

2. Simple Letter Match by Engaging Littles

This activity is an awesome way to have your child practice letter matching. Using alphabet letters and tape is a fresh take on this skill and makes it more hands on than just pencil and paper.

3. Parking Lot by Stay at Home Activity Mom

You can't get more simple than this, but it is always a hit! Make a "parking lot" with pieces of tape and grab your collection of cars and you're all set.

4. Tape Resist Art by My Busy Kid

This activity is great for after school if your kids need some downtime to decompress from a busy day. It can be adapted in so many ways.... paint, markers, crayons, etc. For a fun twist, take it to your driveway and use sidewalk chalk (if you live somewhere it isn't snowing!)

5. Vertical Tape Bow Counting by Stay at Home Activity Mom

This can be done before or after your holiday wrapping because the bows can be used after the activity is over. Kids love sticking things on the wall and it's great counting practice. Take it a step further and have them make patterns with the different bow colors.

6. Tape City by Craft Monsterz

The options are endless with tape city! Get creative and go to a different room in the house, have the "roads" go up the couch, make parking lots for the cars, etc. Half the fun of this activity is the setup! Get the whole family involved by having older siblings or cousins create a city for the younger kids. Chances are they will end up joining in to play for a bit too!

7. Index Card Building by Stay at Home Activity Mom

This is an excellent activity for older kids in your home. Hand them some craft tape and index cards and have them start building. Their imagination can take over. Challenge them to see how tall they can make their building!

8. Tape Spider Web by Happy Toddler Playtime

Get creative with the tape colors and design of the web you create in a doorway. Have your kids stick little craft pom poms to the web. They can even match up pom pom colors to the tape or count and graph how many they are using as an extension activity.

9. Simple Tape Pull by Stay at Home Activity Mom

This is fun and super simple for your little ones at home! Put some tape strips on the ground and let them pull them up. It's as easy as that. If they are walkers, you can even put some tape on the wall and let them pull it off from different heights. You know your little one best, so be sure to keep a close watch and have them hand you each piece they pull up (instead of putting it in their mouths if they are still in that phase).

10. Muffin Tin Rescue by Entertain My Toddler

This is a fun variation of "Animal Rescue" mentioned earlier in this blog. For this activity, your child is pulling the figurines out from a muffin tin. If you have a child working on scissor skills, they could even use child safety scissors (under adult supervision of course) to cut out the characters to "rescue" them.

11. Tape Balance by Stay at Home Activity Mom

Put colored tape from the counter top to the island or between two chairs. Give your child some little trinkets or pom poms to sort by color and balance to the tape. There are many variations to increase or decrease the difficulty level. This is a fun one that can be played again and again!

12. Water Table Bridge by Stay at Home Activity Mom

Put two pieces of tape across your water table, throw in some plastic animals and toys, and let your child play! Easy as that and they will love the added element to the water table.

There are endless ideas of fun things you can do with painter's tape. We hope these ideas have sparked some creativity if you are feeling in a rut with your toys at home. If you want even more ideas visit Stay at Home Activity Mom on Instagram. Happy playing!

Need more tape, or want to mix it from the blue you find at the hardware store? Click on this commissionable link for some colorful packs of tape!