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Play at Home Preschool Unit 3 and Supply List!

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

I'm so excited to release Unit 3: Shapes today!

This two week unit focuses on basic 2D shapes and the letter S. Preschoolers will do a variety of play-based learning activities focusing on important preschool skills.

This is 10 days of EASY to prepare, play-based lessons with pictures, supply lists (using so many everyday items at home), focus skills, suggested books, and more!

Each day includes one literacy or math activity, a second activity (art, sensory, fine motor, gross motor, character education, STEM, etc.) and a daily letter work activity for the focus letter for the unit (letter S).

This unit is 40 downloadable pages and you can check it out in my store HERE! It is designed to be used after Unit 2: All About Me.

Units 4-18 will be released soon.

Below are affiliated links to some of the supplies needed for the unit.

Thank you for supporting Play at Home Preschool!


Brittany (Creator of Stay at Home Activity Mom)


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Now let's get ready to play at home for preschool!

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