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Play at Home Preschool Unit 5:Kindness and supply list is here!

...and it might be my favorite unit yet!

Unit 5: Kindness is here!

I have a special love for the theme of this unit.

Teaching kindness is absolutely essential and has so many benefits!

When your child learns about kindness, they are helping to improve their own self-esteem, concentration, happiness, and mental, emotional and physical health. Research also shows that teaching kindness to children decreases the amount of bullying that takes place.

So while your child will continue to work on all their essential preschool skills, they will be also working on their character development. A few kindness activities include:

-Becoming a kindness detective and searching for acts of kindness in books

-Graphing acts of kindness throughout the unit

-Creating a book about ways to be kind

This is a two week unit. It's is 10 days of EASY to prepare, play-based lessons with pictures, supply lists (using so many everyday items at home), focus skills, suggested books, and more! Each day includes one literacy or math activity, a second activity (art, sensory, fine motor, gross motor, character education, STEM, etc.) and a daily letter work activity for the focus letter of the unit (letter T).

Unit 5 is 38 downloadable pages and you can check it out in my store HERE!

And as always, the asked for affiliated links to the supplies (and I included the suggested book lists too) are below!


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These books are all focused on the theme of kindness. They are wonderful and highly recommended books not just for this unit, but for any home or school library!

Now get ready to play at home for preschool!

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