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St. Patrick's Day Fun!

Updated: Mar 7

From clovers to rainbow binoculars, magical fizzing pots to leprechaun traps, there is an activity for everyone this St.Patrick's Day! We hope these activities bring you and your child joy while spending time together working on them. Click on the title or picture of any activity to be linked to the Instagram post with full details.

Rainbow Binoculars

Paint a rainbow across the toilet paper tubes. You can tape them down to a paper plate if needed to make them more stable for painting. Allow them to dry. Next, have an adult hot glue the tubes together. Once that has dried poke a hole on both sides to tie yarn through so you can wear the binoculars around your neck. You can even add cottonballs as “clouds” around the rims, glitter, stickers, or anything else you want. Have fun with it! Take your binoculars outside when you are done and look for something magical!

Dot Art

Draw a clover on a piece of paper and cut it out. Tape the clover onto a new piece of paper by putting painters tape underneath the cut-out. Then, take your dot markers and dot all around the edges of the cut-out and anywhere else you want to. If you don’t have dot markers you can easily use paint and q-tips. When you are finished, remove the tape and cut-out piece and admire your beautiful artwork!

Cup Challenge

Put out some plastic cups (green if you want to be extra festive), popsicle sticks, and St. Patrick’s Day themed items and let your kids use their imagination and create. They can build a pyramid, a tower, or anything they can think of. There is no right way to play, this is an open-ended and fun activity! You can switch out the holiday items and play with this again and again throughout the year.

ABC Clover

Cut out a big clover from a large cardboard box, paint it green, and write the letters of the alphabet around the edge. Give your child a set of alphabet clothespins. You can make your own with a permanent marker and clothespins if you don't already have a set. Have your child match the letters on the clothespins to the letters on the clover by clipping them to their match. This activity is not only fun (and reusable) but it works on fine motor skills and letter recognition.

Spoons in a Box

Cut small slits in different places all over one side of a closed box. Make sure the slits are small, but just big enough for the spoons to fit through. Place a few of the spoons in the slits in the box to start, and one of the things you’re going to balance on one of the spoons (here we used St. Patrick's Day themed items). Leave the rest of the spoons and small items to balance out on the table. Many kids will spend lots of time pulling the spoons out, pushing them back in, balancing objects on the spoons, and repeating! You can either wash the spoons and put them away when you are done or save them as your "activity" spoons and use them another day to play.

Rainbow Clovers

This idea came from friendsartlab and it's a good one! Print an outline of a clover (or draw an outline) and cut it out. Give your child a permanent marker (with supervision of course) and let them make line designs going from left to right. Straight lines, squiggly lines, zig zags, etc. Then let your kids paint each section with watercolor paint. So simple but it turns out so beautiful!

Catch-a-Leprechaun STEAM Kit

Want an adorable activity sent right to your door? Check out our Catch-a-Leprechaun Kit. Your child's critical thinking and imagination will take off with this STEAM kit. This kit comes with so many fun surprises and supplies such as playdough and gems. The best part about this kit is your child will use all the included supplies to build their very own leprechaun trap!

Fizzing Pot of Gold STEM Kit

This is another awesome activity sent right to your door. Your child will pour, explore, measure, and play with this kid friendly chemical reaction. Such a fun hands-on experiment that will make your kids ooh-and-ahh over the "magic" of it all. This kit is such a fun one, you won't want to miss out on this!

Tag us @stayathomeactivitymom in any activities you try, we would love to see what you made! Happy St. Patrick's Day from the Stay at Home Activity Mom team! *Commissionable links have been used in this blog post*

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