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The 10 Best Outdoor Toys for Kids Ages 2+

I've compiled our top 10 outdoor toys.

If you have a child ages 2-6 and you're looking for outdoor toy ideas this holiday season, look no further! I've got you covered!

The types of toys you have are important. The more time goes on, the pickier and more selective I get with the toys I purchase. When I'm looking for outdoor toys, I want ones that foster creativity, encourage open-ended and imaginative play, or promote active play outside. I also want these toys to be high quality and things that will last for more than one season.

These 10 toys below are our very favorites! They all are either outdoor toys that we personally have or have played with somewhere else multiple times (at a friend's house, etc.). Scroll down to read about each one and why we love it!

1. Kidkraft Forestview Wooden Playhouse

We got this playhouse for my kids last year for Christmas and it's been a favorite ever since! There's an adorable built-in kitchen inside, it comes with a bench, and it is such great quality! From playing house to restaurant, etc., there's endless possibilities for imaginative play. I personally love the small little touches like the chalkboard panel, clock, and the character that the house just has in general.

2. EzyRoller

My kids (5 and 3) each have one of these EzyRollers and they are equally obsessed. Both my kids have the classic size, but there's also a mini size (recommended for ages 2-4). It's kind of like a mix between a bike and a scooter and you can continue to adjust the bike for years as your child grows!

3. Eezy Peezy Monkey Bars Climbing Tower

After watching my son repeatedly play on this at a friend's house, we finally got one for our house a couple of years ago.

This climbing tower is by far the MOST PLAYED with outdoor toy we own.

Both of my kids climb on this daily, crawl inside and do imaginative play, ask to eat meals inside, etc. It's used in so many different ways all the time! It's easy to put together and really sturdy (but also lightweight and easy to move). Any active child would love this!

4. Stomp Rockets

Even my husband and I like playing with these stomp rockets! It's also the perfect activity to do with a sibling or friend! Your child will spend so much time running, jumping, and launching these soft rockets in the air! It's recommended for ages 6 and up, but my daughter (with supervision) has been playing with it since she was 2.5 just fine, and my son (5) has been playing with them for years as well.

5. Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table

We don't personally own this water table but I wish we did. This one is considered a STEM toy (science, technology, engineering, math) and I'm a huge STEM education supporter.

With this water table, your child will not only play with water, but will work on fine motor skills, explore cause and effect, and learn to create waterfalls with different maze pieces.

I love that the table is big enough to do other sensory activities in it as well. When our current water table is on its way out, this one is at the top of my list!

6. Monarch Studio Mud Kitchen

We bought this mud kitchen from Monarch Studio a few months ago and have been loving it ever since. It was really easy to assemble and you can tell it's really high quality. It's the perfect addition to our outdoor play area. Besides the website linked on the photo, they also have an Etsy shop with different mud kitchen options!

7. Prextex 3 in 1 Carnival Outdoor Games Combo Set

We absolutely love playing with our colored cones outside. Not only are they great for sports, they are great for color recognition, sorting, and so many other activities. This pack also comes with colored rings and bean bags. We love creating obstacle courses using the supplies too!

8. Best Choice 3-in-1 Kids Convertible Wood Sand & Water Picnic Table w/ Umbrella

I can't get over what an amazing deal this picnic table is.

Water and sand tables can be very pricy, and this one is reasonable AND converts to a picnic table.

Plus it comes with an adjustable umbrella and can fit up to 4 kids in it!

9. Little Tikes First Slide

We love this little slide. It usually lives in our backyard, but occasionally comes inside to our playroom. It's also been used as a slip and slide and a ramp for toy cars. It's easy to clean and easy to store and a perfect holiday gift for kids!

10. Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set

This adjustable basketball hoop (6 heights ranging from 2-4 feet) is the perfect gift for kids ages 1-5. It has an oversized rim and comes with a soft basketball. It's perfect for helping to develop motor skills and hand eye coordination and is loads of fun!

I hope this gift guide helps! Be sure to follow me on instagram for more gift and activity ideas for your kids!

Happy Shopping!


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