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Unit 6: Dinosaurs and Supply List

Play at Home Preschool Unit 6: Dinosaurs is here!

It's packed with learning and fun and is really engaging and hands-on!

Check it out right HERE!

This unit is 10 days of EASY to prepare, play-based lessons with pictures, supply list (links are below), focus skills, suggested books, and more!

It's 36 downloadable pages and it's designed to be used after Unit 5: Kindness!

Below are the affiliated linked supplies needed for the unit. Most things are things around the house that you already have. The items you do need are ones that will be used again and again (ex: Little dinosaur toys/figures).

My kids absolutely love this unit and I hope yours do too!


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Suggested Books from Unit 6:

Thank you all for your support! Feel free to email me with any questions!


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