25 Days of Christmas (Freebie!)

25 Days of Christmas (Freebie!)



We have had so many messages asking to share our 25 Days of Christmas activities, so we decided to post them here as well as Instagram so they are easy for you to find. We even added a few extra ideas so you can pick what works best for your family this year. 

Each day in December, we do a family activity together and everyone really looks forward to it. It's usually nothing fancy or something that costs lots of money, although sometimes we add those in too. For example, maybe one night you will go to the holiday lights display at your local zoo and the next night you will have a family game night. It is great to mix up the type of activities you pick. The most memorable ones are often the easiest such as family picnic in front of the tree!

This is supposed to be fun, not stressful. If 25 days seems like too much for you this year, how about the 12 Days of Christmas? Whatever you come up with will be perfect and create lasting memories, which is what it is all about. 


Click HERE for your free download of our 25 Days of Christmas cards! 

We hope this brings some joy and magic into your home this holiday season! Happy Holidays!!