Fourth of July Activities

Fourth of July Activities

Fourth of July is just a few days away so it's the perfect time for some patriotic crafts/projects! Check out these 9 fun and festive activities created by Stay at Home Activity Mom! Click on the title of any of the activities to be linked to the full post on Instagram.


Patriotic Pasta (Sensory Bin Filler) 

Dried pasta is always so fun to play with. Take dried pasta of your choice and pour in a Ziploc bag. Squirt in a teaspoon or so of vinegar and then add color by paint or concentrated food coloring. Close the bag up and shake vigorously. Lay it  out on wax paper to dry fully before adding it to a sensory bin. 



Fireworks in a Cup

Fill the cup about 3/4 full with warm water. Add about an inch of oil on top of the water. In the small bowl, add 1 Tablespoon of oil, and 3-4 drops each of red and blue (or whatever you have) food coloring. Use a fork to slowly mix around the drops of food coloring to break them up into smaller droplets. Carefully, pour the oil/food coloring mixture on top of the water/oil in the cup. Watch the cup to see what happens!




DIY Noisemaker

Take a paper plate and scoop some dry beans, buttons (or whatever you have) onto the plate. Make a line of hot glue all around the edge of the plate. Lay the popsicle stick at the bottom so enough is sticking out to make a handle for your child. Take the other paper plate and place it face down on top of the first paper plate and press around the edges where you glued. Allow this to fully dry. Next, spread some white craft glue over the back of the plate and sprinkle on patriotic sequins. You could also use stickers for this part if you would rather. Once the sequins are dry, your child can shake and play with their new noisemaker!



Popsicle Dot Art

Cut out some popsicle shapes from a piece of paper. Tape them down to a new piece of paper by rolling pieces of painter's tape under the popsicle. Take dot markers and dot all around the paper, especially around the edges of the popsicles. Remove the taped down paper when you're done and your image will look similar to the one below! 



Magna-Tile Flag

Pull out your Magna-Tiles and challenge your kids to make a flag! We love this activity because you can do it with so many different items. If you don’t have Magna-Tiles, use colored blocks, or red/white/blue toys, or cut tons of paper squares in red/white/blue and let your kids glue them on paper. There’s so many ways you can challenge your kids to create and build and use their imagination!

Build a Star

Take little cups, craft sticks, pom poms, and random little gems and you've got yourself this fun activity. It’s open-ended, encourages creativity, and so much more. Challenge your kids to build a star or create whatever they want!




4th of July Stick Figures 

Using the same supplies from the previous activity (except the cups) challenge your child to make 4th of July stick figures. it's open ended and really allows their creativity to shine through! 



Firework Math

On a piece of paper, draw some fireworks. Write simple math problems on each line (some that equal 10 and some that don't) Make a key that shows the sums that are equal to 10 are one color, and the sums that don't equal 10 are another color. Have your child solve each problem and dot the lines with the correct color! You can also modify this activity to be a bit easier if needed by using letters instead of math problems. Choose two different letters your child is working on, write them all over the fireworks, and have your child use one color for each of the letters (example: dot all of the A's red and all of the B's blue). 



Button Art

Draw a few stars or print some out online. Better yet, get our red, white, and blue activity kit sent to you with all the supplies you need! (linked here) Then take red, white, and blue buttons and liquid glue and let your child decorate the stars however they want. Sometimes the simplest activities like this one are the best!


Happy Fourth of July from all of us at Stay at Home Activity Mom! We hope you have a safe and fun holiday! *commissionable links have been included in this blog.*