5 Letter Recognition Alphabet Activities for Kids

5 Letter Recognition Alphabet Activities for Kids

Do you have a child working on letter recognition? If so, here are 5 fun activities (with free printables) to try! 

Click here to download the free printables for the activities and see below for more information on all of these fun activities to try. 


Activity 1: ABC Flashcards
  • ABC Flashcards 
  • scissors


Cut out the shells. Mix them up. Let your child sort the shells into lowercase and uppercase letters. Children can also play by matching the lowercase letters to the uppercase letters or placing the letters back in alphabetical order. 

Activity 2: Paint the Letters
  • Paint the Letters printables
  • Q-tips
  • washable tempera paint


Give your child Q-tips and washable paint. Let your child paint the letters by dipping Q-tips in paint and tracing the letters on the printable. 

Activity 3: Playdough Letter Mats
  • Playdough Letter Mats printables
  • playdough 
  • laminator, clear page protectors, or clear packaging tape (to make the letter mats reusable) 


Make the playdough letters mats reusable. We recommend laminating each page for this. If you don't have a laminator, you can place the pages in clear sheet protectors or cover each page with clear packaging tape. Give your child a letter mat and some playdough. Encourage your child to build each letter by molding playdough onto the letters. 

Activity 4: Alphabet Run
  • Alphabet Run printables
  • big spoon
  • a set of letters (wooden, magnets, or ABC Flashcards from Activity 1)
  • painter's tape (optional)


Place the printables on the floor. You can tape down with painters tape if your floors allow. At least 10 feet away, place a set of letters. These can be the letters cut out from the ABC Flashcards, or another set of letters that you have at home. Give your child a big spoon and challenge them to balance a letter on the spoon, run to the printables, and place the letter on the corresponding letter on the printable. Continue until all letters are complete. You can time your child to see how fast they do this and repeat and let them try to beat their time.

Activity 5: Dot Sticker Printable
  • Dot Sticker printable
  • dot stickers (you will need 26)
  • permanent marker


Write the letters A-Z on the grey dots on the printable (one letter in each dot). On a sheet of dot stickers, write the letters A-Z. You can do both sets in uppercase or lowercase, or one set uppercase and one set lowercase. Give your child the sheet of dot stickers. Let them peel off a dot sticker, say the letter aloud, find the same letter on the printable, and place the dot sticker on top of the corresponding letter on the printable. Continue until finished.

If you want to try out these activities, download the printables for free by CLICKING HERE! 

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