DIY Halloween Sensory Bottle

DIY Halloween Sensory Bottle

These homemade sensory bottles are so easy and fun to make! They would be a great addition to a Halloween party at home or school. You could switch out the spiders/googly eyes for some other small plastic toys or sequins to make these year round, not just for Halloween. 




- plastic jars/bottles (linked here)

- glitter glue (linked here)

- warm water

- googly eyes or plastic spiders (linked here



Squirt a tube of glitter glue into the empty water bottle. Drop in some spiders and/or googly eyes. Fill the bottle with warm water. Twist the lid back on. (You may want to super glue or hot glue the lid on to prevent any spilling later on when kids are playing with them). Once the lid is securely glued on, shake the bottle to mix in the glitter glue. Just like that, you are done! So simple but so much fun! Enjoy the magic of the sensory bottle! Happy Halloween! 

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