Easy DIY Mother's Day Ideas

Easy DIY Mother's Day Ideas

Children have such pride when they are able to make a gift themselves to give to a parent or loved one. We have collected some great Stay at Home Activity Mom activities and projects that could easily be used to help make Mother's Day special for the important aunt, grandma, mom, friend, or even neighbor in your child's life! Although they aren't all Mother's Day specific they will still be a fun way for your child to show some love.

Tea Party

Whether you use play food or real, your child will have a great time setting up a tea party for mom. They can even pretend to be waiters and waitresses and bring the food and drinks to the table after taking the order. How fun would that be?! The picture below shows a sibling "date" tea party but it could easily be changed to spoil mom on Mother's Day.

Stained Glass Window

Using black glue to create art is so much fun! This "stained glass" heart was done on a cut out piece of a large Ziploc bag. You can also use Saran Wrap (it’s just a little more flimsy) or anything else clear! Make a design with black glue, once dry have your chid color in each of the sections with colored permanent marker. Once finished, hang it on the window and watch how beautiful it is at different times of day! This would be a beautiful surprise to have a few of these hanging up on the windows in your home for Mother's Day morning.

Magnatile Centerpieces

Bust out your magnatiles and have your child make these little vase centerpieces. Add flowers in matching colors to make it look extra beautiful. This would be an adorable centerpiece for a special Mother's Day brunch at home.

Q-Tip Painting

Here’s a fun and simple Q-tip pointillism painting! Draw a rainbow, set out Q-tips and paint, and let your kids dot away while color matching. This wouldn't have to be a rainbow, it could be any item that your child wants to draw for their gift recipient.

Magic Heart Art

Draw some hearts and use a white crayon to decorate the inside of each heart. Let your child paint with watercolor paint over the hearts and watch the magic! This was originally a Valentine activity but would be adorable to show mom some love on Mother's Day. You could even help your child write things they love about mom/aunt/grandma in the heart and then have her paint and reveal the words.

Cereal Bracelet

Who doesn't love getting new jewelry? Haha! All you need is cheerios and pipe cleaner. This would be a fun activity to keep toddlers busy in the kitchen while older siblings and/or adults prepare breakfast to bring mom breakfast in bed.

Butterfly Dot Art 

You need some dot markers, 2 pieces of paper, something to write with, and painter’s tape. ⁣On the first paper, draw an outline of a butterfly (or any shape that mom would like) and cut it out. Take a little piece of tape and roll it into a circle (sticky side up). Tape the butterfly down to the second piece of paper, making sure the tape is not showing. ⁣Take dot markers and dot alllllll around the edge of the butterfly cut-out on the paper, then wherever else you want. ⁣Carefully peel the butterfly cut-out paper and piece of tape off the paper and admire your beautiful art! ⁣

Paper Plate Flower Crown

This homemade flower crown will have the special women in your life feeling like royalty on Mother's Day. Make a paper plate and cut a circle out from the middle using an xacto knife or scissors. Make sure it will fit mom's head. Poke some holes in the crown, grab some tape (we used clear packaging tape). Head outdoors with your child and let them collect nature treasures and decorate! They can thread flowers and leaves through the poked holes, and you can secure other treasures using the tape.
We hope your children enjoy making some of these projects for the special women in their life. Anytime a child can make a gift, their pride really shines through. Happy Mother's Day from the Stay at Home Activity Mom team!