Easy Letter Activities

If your child is working on letter recognition, you have come to the right place to find some easy, low-prep, and FUN letter learning activities! Click on the blue title of any of the activities to be linked to more detailed directions. 

Alphabet Salt Painting

On a piece of construction paper, write out each letter of the alphabet with liquid glue. Pour salt over each letter and gently tap off the extra. Then, take water color paints and tap the color onto each letter. Make sure you have lots of paint on your brush. Allow it to dry and admire! This project is not meant to be hung up because the salt will flake off. 





Post-It Name

This is a super fun way for your child to practice the letters in their first name. On a piece of painter's tape, write each letter of your child's name spread out the width of a post-it. Then, write one letter per post-it spelling out your child's name. Hide the post-its all over the house and have your child run and find them. Each time they find a letter have them stick it on top of the matching letter on the painter's tape.





Letter Bean Sorting

Use a sharpie to write each letter of the alphabet on a gallon bag. Draw a circle around each one. Use the sharpie to write each letter of the alphabet on the front and back of dried beans. Put some water and clear hair gel in the bag and mix it up a bit. Add the beans and seal the bag closed. Tape it down to the table to help stop it from sliding around. Have your child slide the beans into the matching letter circle. 





Open and Find Letter Match by entertainmytoddler

This super fun idea was shared by @entertainmytoddler on Instagram! Write each letter of the alphabet on a piece of paper. Then take plastic letters (or letter magnets, etc) and wrap each one in a piece of foil. Once all of the letters have been wrapped, give them to your child along with the paper. Have your child unwrap a letter, then find that letter on the paper and put the plastic letter on top of it. 





Letter Building 

Grab some popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners and challenge your child to build each letter of the alphabet. Every letter is made from curved or straight lines so this challenge is one they will succeed at! 





Letter Rainbow 

Draw a rainbow with thick bands. Then, take a black marker and write letters of the alphabet inside each band. Next, get different colored rainbow dot stickers. You will write a different letter on each sticker making sure the letters you write on the stickers match the letters you wrote in the bands. For example, if you wrote "f" in the green section of the rainbow then you need to be sure that you have a green "f" sticker. Give the stickers to your child and have them place the stickers on top of the matching letters in the rainbow.





Mystery Letters 

Take a white crayon and write letters all over a white piece of paper. Down the side of the paper, use a marker to write a list of all of the letters you used. Give your child some watercolor paints and have them start painting the paper. Anytime they discover a letter, have them cross it off the list down the side of the paper. 





Spoon Race

For this activity you will need some plastic letter or magnets, poster board, and large spoons. On the poster board, write all the letters of the alphabet. Place the plastic letters in a bowl across the room and have your child scoop one letter at a time on a large spoon and walk it across the room. Then, have them place it on the matching letter on the poster. They can do this alone or with a friend to have a little "race". 





Letter Fidget Popper by another_day_in_prek

@another_day_in_prek shared this fun activity on Instagram. Take a fidget popper toy and write letters in random order on the poppers.Take index cards with the alphabet written on them and place them face down. Have your child turn a card over and then find that letter and "pop" it. Continue this until all cards have been turned over. 





ABC Fish 

Take a piece of cardboard and cut it out in the shape of a fish (or any other animal or shape you like). Write the alphabet around the edge of the cardboard. Then, give your child clothespins with the alphabet on them. You can sometimes find these in the dollar section of Target or easily make your own. Have them clip these on the matching letter on the cardboard. Such great fine motor work, too! 





ABC Tape Hunt 

On a large piece of white paper, write each letter of the alphabet. Then, write each letter of the alphabet on individual pieces of painter's tape. Hide the pieces of tape all over your house. Have your child run around the house and try and find the tape. Each time they find a piece of tape have them come back to the paper and place it next to the matching letter.





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We hope you find these activities engaging as well as helpful! 


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