Fabulous First Birthday Gift Ideas

First birthdays are such a fun and special milestone but it can sometimes be hard to think of what to bring as a gift to the party. We have gathered up 12 unique and fun gift ideas for you to check out. None of these gifts have lights and loud noises which can be overstimulating for many kids (and the parents will thank you for not getting those noisy toys either haha!) Also, the less the toy does the more opportunity your child has to be creative and use their imagination. All items you see below have been linked for your convenience.


"Your Birthday Book": A Keepsake

This book is such unique gift idea. Each year you get to write special birthday memories for your child and there is also an area for a picture and an envelope to keep special mementos like invitations. This is a wonderful non-toy gift idea! Parents will love this keepsake!

Little Tikes Swings

This is a classic toy that young kids will love! Toys that get kids outside in the fresh air are always a great idea! It's the fun of the park but in your own backyard.

Musical Instruments

This bucket of musical instruments is a great introduction to music for younger kids. No flashing lights and loud noises (thankfully!) The plastic instruments are also great for little hands to explore music making. 


Personalized Chair

There are many options for personalized chairs out there but these Pottery Barn Kids ones are great quality and adorable! They come in so many fabric options and different sizes too. They are a bit of a splurge but they hold up so well.

Lift the Flap and Touch and Feel

Getting young kids involved in reading even at one years old is so great for their future literacy skills. Touch and feel books and lift the flap books give your child a fun and "important job" to do while you're reading to them. Both of these books are part of a series with many great versions for all interests.

Wooden Activity Cube

This is another classic toy that will stand the test of time and can be passed down to younger siblings. Each side has a different activity to keep your child engaged.

Rocking Horse

This is a fun twist on the classic rocking horse. Bright colors and soft fabric make it a bit more appealing (and comfortable). Kids will love taking this horse for a "ride"!

Little Tikes Slide

If the birthday child isn't walking/climbing yet they will need a little help from a parent. This slide provides endless fun and can be used inside or outside. The great thing is older toddlers love it too so it can easily be shared with older siblings.  

Nesting and Stacking

These blocks provide great fine motor skills practice as well as problem solving skill development. It's a wonderful open-ended toy that can be played with over and over and not just by stacking but other imaginative play as well.

Cozy Coupe Car

Younger kids can be pushed in the car and as they get older they will be able to drive themselves around. This car leads to so many imaginative play ideas.... cash wash, gas station, fast food drive-thru, etc. All of these games also help improve oral language development while they are engaging in pretend play!

Toddler Ball Pit

Who doesn't love a ball pit?! The best part about this one in your home is that it is clean haha! Such a fun toy and comes with storage bags for the balls and walls.

Radio Flyer Scoot-2- Scooter

This scooter is a great two-in-one toy. Younger kids can start off by just sitting and scooting. As they get older and taller, the seat flips around and they can use it as a standing scooter.
We hope you found these gift ideas helpful as you head off to first birthday parties or for your own little one who has reached this special milestone. Happy First Birthday! *Commissionable links have been used in this blog post*