Family Thanksgiving Activities

We have gathered up some of our favorite fall and Thanksgiving activities for you and your kids to enjoy. Such a fun way to get in the Thanksgiving spirit! 


Letter Acorns

Gather up some acorns from around your neighborhood. Paint them orange (or whatever fall color paint you have) and let them dry. Once fully dry, take a sharpie and write a different letter of the alphabet on each one. You can use them for spelling practice, craft projects, or hide them around the house and have your child find them and tell you what letter is on each acorn.




Acorn Turkey 

One way to use the acorns from above is to create this adorable acorn turkey. Draw a little turkey body and color it in. Find the letters of your child's name from the acorns you made. Arrange them around the turkey to look like the "feathers" and glue them down. 





Outdoor Color Hunt 

Find a piece of leftover cardboard (Amazon box, cereal box, etc) and color in a few different sections with fall colors. Then, head outside and look around for leaves that match the colors of the boxes and clip or tape them down to the correct section. You could end it there or come back home and glue them on a large piece of paper and make a fall collage!




Dot Marker Turkey by Engaging Littles

@engaginglittles shared this adorable turkey on her instagram page and it was too cute not to include in this blog. Take a paper plate and cut it in half, then take some dot markers (some great ones are linked here) and dot all over the paper plate. Once that is dry, glue down a little turkey body and feet and you're all done! These would be cute to have up as decorations on Thanksgiving day. 





Turkey Sorting 

Make a simple turkey out of playdoh and stick feathers (linked here) in the back, making sure each feather is a different color. Put a toothpick in front of each feather and give your child a bowl of pony beads (linked here). Only use beads that match the colors of the feathers you used. Have your child put beads on the toothpick that matches the color of the feather behind it. This is a great activity for color recognition, sorting practice, and fine motor practice too! 





Turkey Roll

Draw a simple turkey body and grab a die and feathers. Have your child roll the die and add that many feathers around the turkey. Continue doing this for a few more rounds. To add another element to the game, you could have your child roll the die then take away that many feathers from the turkey. 





Leaf Art 

Go out on a walk and find some leaves your child likes the shape of. Come back to your house and use a marker to thickly color the front side of the leaf. Press the  leaf (colored side down) on white paper while the ink is still wet, and rub the back of the leaf to get the marker to transfer to the white paper. Lift the leaf up to see a leaf print left behind. Do this with multiple leaves on the paper to create a beautiful piece of fall art. 





Magnet Turkey by HappyToddlerPlaytime 

This fun magnetic tile turkey was shared by @happytoddlerplaytime. Make a turkey body out of construction paper and use painters tape to make the outline of different wings. Depending on the age of your child, you could make the outlines either very basic or more advanced to have your child fill in using magnet tiles. Our favorite set of magnet tiles is linked here.  Such a cool way to include some critical thinking skills with Thanksgiving fun! 





Acorn Drop

This is a super simple yet really fun toddler activity. Take an empty paper towel roll and tape it to the wall (inside or outside) with painter's tape. Then, gather some acorns (you could use the ones you painted from the above activity) or you could use little erasers, pom poms, etc. Give the items to your child and have them drop them down the tube one at a time. This is great fine motor practice and toddlers just love it!   





Thankful Tree 

This is such a GREAT activity the whole family can participate it. Draw a tree trunk and branches on a large piece of white paper. Designate a color for each person in the family. Use that color to make thumbprint "leaves" on the tree. Each time you add a leaf, have that person write one thing they are thankful next to their leaf. Keep this up all month long and revisit it and add more thankful leaves to it often. 



We are so thankful for YOU and your support of our small business! We hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving with your friends and/or family! 


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