"Feed Me" Fun!!

"Feed Me" Fun!!

Let's kick off the holiday season with one of our favorite and most popular activities! This "feed me" activity is great fine motor practice for your kids but most importantly it is F-U-N! The giggles from your children will be contagious! 



- empty cereal box

- scissors 

- glue

- *FREE* "Feed Me" printable (linked here)

- small trinkets to feed the characters (a great option is linked here)

- spoon 



Print out the FREE holiday "Feed Me" printable (linked here). Decide on one or two characters you want to use and cut them out. Glue one to each side of your empty cereal box, let it dry for a few minutes. Then, have an adult carefully cut a hole trough the mouth of the printable and cereal box. Fill a bowl with small holiday trinkets. The ones pictured in the video on Instagram are no longer available but another great option is linked here. Give your child a spoon and let them "feed" their holiday character. Once all the trinkets are gone, empty the box and play again. Have your phone handy to capture the big smiles on their faces and tag us on Instagram @stayathomeactivitymom to share the fun with us. Your kids  will want to come back to this activity again and again. You could even switch out the characters you feed on a different day with a new cereal box. 

We hope this brings your family some joy and intentional play time together as you kick off the holiday season. We appreciate you being here! 

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