Halloween Sensory Fun!

Halloween Sensory Fun!

Many kids love the hands on play that comes along with sensory based activities. Here we have a variety of sensory based play activities all with a Halloween theme. Many of these sensory ideas can get a little messy so do them outside if you can or lay down some large towels first before you let your kids play. Try these activities  out with your kids and let us know which one was your favorite! 


Spooky Water

Get a large bin of water and add some black food coloring to it to make it "spooky." Drop in any water safe Halloween trinkets you have like plastic spiders, mini plastic pumpkins, etc. You can add in measuring cups and large spoons to help with scooping. Some families like to have an empty bin next to the water bin where kids can dump the trinkets they scoop out. 




Spider Rescue 

Get a muffin tin and put a plastic spider inside each section of the tray. Then, fill up each cup with water and place the muffin tin in your freezer over night. The next day pop out the frozen muffin cups (with the spiders inside) and have your kids try to "rescue" the spiders by spraying or dropping warm water on them. Some kids even like to use little plastic tools to try and break the ice apart too! 



Halloween Rice Bin by: mamainthegalaxy

This fun idea was shared by @mamainthegalaxy on her Instagram page. Pour some dry white rice and dry black beans (or black sprinkles) into a tray with high sides. Add in any type of Halloween trinkets/small decor items you have around the house. Let your kids free play with the supplies. 



Halloween Boats

Make the black spooky water mentioned above but this time add in some plastic eyeballs and silicone muffin cups (we have linked a set here). If you don't already have these, you should really consider getting a set. They are so great for sensory bins and kids love using them in play kitchens as well. Give your child large plastic kitchen utensils to stir, scoop, and pour. Challenge them to see how many spiders or eyeballs they can put in the muffin cup "boats". 




Eyeball Soup by: engaging_littles

This spooky idea was shared on Instagram by: @engaging_littles. Grab a plastic bin and squeeze in some dish soap. Add 5-8 drops of food dye then fill with water! Toss in plastic eyeballs and pair with bowls, spoons, and a whisk for making eyeball soup!




Witches Potion

Lay out an assortment of cups and bowls inside a larger container. Put glitter and any plastic Halloween toys inside the cups/bowls. Sprinkle in baking soda and 1 drop of food coloring (optional). Pour in some vinegar and watch what happens! To extend the play, add jugs of water, spoons, scoopers, whisks, etc.




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