Magic Missing Letters

a fun educational twist on the classic "crayon resist" art
Watch how a white crayon and water color paint can make learning magical!
I took some paper, drew the easiest things I could think of, wrote the word next to the drawings in sharpie but left out the first letter, and write that letter with a white crayon.
Austin would say the missing letter aloud, then paint over it with water color paint to see if the "magic" missing letter was right! He loved it so much that I spent the next 10 minutes creating a 3rd, 4th, and 5th page for him to do!
These were commonly asked questions/answers from my last crayon resist post last month:
1.  Yes, it has to be water color paints (the darker colors work better in my opinion).
2. Yes, it has to be a white crayon. A white marker will not work. 
3. I have always used Crayola crayons and have never had a problem. I write everything by pressing hard and going over it again a second time. 

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