5, 4, 3, 2, 1... New Year's Activity Fun!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1... New Year's Activity Fun!

New Year's Eve doesn't just have to be a holiday for grown ups. In fact, we have quite a few fun ways to celebrate with your kids at home! Not wanting to stay up until midnight? Have a "Noon Years Eve" celebration where you countdown at noon. Or celebrate live with a different time zone. For example, if you live on the West Coast, celebrate live with New York. You could always just pull up a ball drop video on YouTube and celebrate whenever it works best for your kids. They won't care, they just want to be part of the fun! Click the title of any of the activities below to be linked to more detailed directions.


Dot Art 

Cut out the numbers 2024 from thick construction paper. Tape them down on another piece of paper using painter's tape underneath the numbers. Have your child use dot markers and dot all over the paper, even overlapping onto the numbers as well. Let it dry for a few minutes, then peel the numbers and tape off and you will have a beautiful NYE art creation.




Salt Painting

Using the liquid glue, write out 2024 in large print. Pour salt all over the glue while it is still wet. Next, take your paintbrush and paint the numbers whatever colors you would like. Be sure to have a lot of paint on your brush each time you paint the salt. Let the project fully dry, then hang and admire your work!




New Year's Eve Sensory Bin by happytoddlerplaytime

@happytoddlerplaytime shared this awesome sensory bin idea on Instagram! Fill a sensory bin with rainbow colored rice. Add some foam numbers, sparkly pom poms, and fun shaped plastic cups. Super simple, yet so engaging for your little ones. 




DIY Number Mask

Take thick cardstock and write out 2024 using paint or dot markers (just held down instead of dotting motion). Cut out the inside of the 0. Cover the numbers with liquid glue and sprinkle glitter on them. Allow this to fully dry. Then, take a large size popsicle stick and glue it on the back as a handle. Once that is fully dry you have your very own number eye mask. These make some cute photo opportunities! 




Coloring Wall

Take white wrapping paper (or leftover piece of cardboard) and roll out a long piece. Draw a bunch of New Year's decorations all over the paper with just a black marker. Tape it up to your wall using painter's tape. Leave it up all day long and let your kids come back to work on it throughout the day. 




Countdown Math by another_day_in_prek

This fun learning activity was shared by @another_day_in_prek on Instagram. Roll the dice, count the number, and move the clock hand to the number you rolled. Such a fun and simple way to get in some counting and number recognition practice. 




Firework Color Match

Use a black marker to draw simple fireworks. Then, take different color markers to put dots randomly on the fireworks. Be sure the colors you choose match the sequins you have. Have your child glue down a matching sequin on each colored dot.




Handprint Art by hellowonderful_co

This adorable artwork was shared by @hellowonderful_co on Instagram. She painted her child's hand to replace the 0 for the year. So cute! She has a printable for this on her site.




DIY Noisemaker

Have your child decorate the backside of 2 paper plates using markers or crayons. Pour some dried beans on the inside (not decorated part) of the paper plate. Lay some pieces of ribbon around the edges sticking out over the edge of the plate. Lay your popsicle stick on the edge with the handle sticking over as well. Have an adult use hot glue to glue down the ribbons and handle. Then put the hot glue all around the edge of the plate and lay the second paper plate on top. Gently press around the edges to seal the 2 plates together. Let the glue fully dry before letting your child use it as a countdown shaker! 




Just Add Balloons 

Balloons are so simple and kids just LOVE them! Blow up balloons and use them as part of your countdown! 



Here are some great New Year's Eve book options for kids. Just click the picture below to be linked.




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