STEM Christmas Activities

Winter Break is right around the corner and these fun STEM (science technology engineering math) activities with help keep your child engaged and entertained during their time off from school. Click on the title of any of the activities to be linked to full descriptions. 


Cup Creations 

For this activity you just need to put out plastic cups and popsicle sticks and let your child create. You could challenge them to build something specific such as a Christmas tree (shown below). Sometimes the best way to do these activities is just let your child create, no rules and no expectations.




Bow Numbers 

Save your old bows to use for this activity or buy some from the dollar store. They don't have to still be sticky. Take 5 pieces of paper,  label them 1-5, then tape them up on the wall. Take a piece of painter's tape and place a strip going down from each number sticky side out. Next, give your child some bows and have them stick the correct amount under each number. For example, stick 4 bows on the tape underneath the paper with the 4 on it. 




Fizzy Hot Chocolate by Entertain My Toddler

This awesome experiment was shared on Instagram by @entertainmytoddler! It seems so simple but a big wow factor. Add baking soda to cups. Mix a packet of hot chocolate and vinegar together in another cup. Pour the "hot chocolate" into the baking soda cups and watch it fizz! 




Christmas Boats 

Fill a plastic tub with water and add a drop or 2 of food coloring (optional). Mix well. Add "boats" to the water. These are silicone and/or foil baking cups. Put out little lightweight holiday themed trinkets such as bells, mini ornaments, pom poms, etc. Give your child things to scoop with and challenge them to fill the boats without touching the boats with their hands! Let them see how many items they can fit in each "boat" without sinking it. This activity makes for a great conversation on sink vs float.




Balance the Decorations

Place some craft or popsicle sticks, clothespins, and small festive trinkets out on the table. Challenge your chid to build something and try to balance the decorations! To make it easier, add some index cards to the supplies. To make it harder, challenge your kids to balance every decoration at the same time.




Gingerbread Roll & Dot by engaging_littles 

This math activity was shared by @engaging_littles on Instagram. It's easy and engaging! Draw a simple gingerbread man outline and write numbers 1-6 all over the inside. Have your child roll a die and dot the matching number inside the gingerbread man. This is a great way to practice counting and number recognition.




Don't Drop the Present

Take a plastic cup and place popsicle sticks across the top going in all different directions. Place a small decorative present (or other light weight trinket) on the top. Take turns pulling out one stick at a time trying to not knock off the present. Whoever knocks off the present loses. Once the game is over, set it up and play again and again!  


We hope you enjoy the quality family time these activities will bring into your home. Happy holidays!