Summer Travel Hacks

Summer vacation is almost here (depending where you live). We have some easy to prep, travel tips and tricks for you and your family to help make those busy travel days a bit easier on everyone. Click on the title of any activity below to be linked to more detailed directions. 

Pom Pom Drop

If you have a toddler, this is a great one to bring on the airplane. You will need an empty toilet paper tube, a small empty box, some craft tape, and pom poms. When you get on the airplane, tape the toilet paper tube on the back of the seat in front of you. Place the box on the tray table under the tube and have your child take the pom poms and drop them down the tube. Pom poms can be a choking hazard so be sure to keep an eye on your child while they play this game. This is a fun way to help break up the time on the plane ride and toddlers really enjoy it. 





Dot Matching

You can prep this the night before or while you are flying. Draw a variety of colored dots (matching the color stickers you have) all over a piece of white paper. Give your child dot stickers and have them place the stickers on the matching dots you drew. This only takes a few minutes to prep but is very engaging for toddlers! 





Playdoh Box

Grab a container of playdoh and some small random trinkets you have around the house. If you want to get "fancy", buy some new little toys at the dollar store to bring with you. You can put all the supplies in a plastic container (pictured) to keep it all together or even a little bag will work. Let your child explore and create whatever they want. There is something about trinkets added to playdoh that really adds to the excitement and extends the  length of play. 





Cheerio Bracelet

Bag up some dry O shaped cereal and some pipe cleaners and you're all set for this activity. Have your child string the cereal onto the pipe cleaners to make bracelets. The best part is, they can eat it when they are done! 





Snack Box

This is a great one for the car. Take an empty plastic bin and load it up with your kid's favorite snacks. Sometimes it's nice to add in some new things or special treats they don't get to have often. Then, when they are hungry you have an easy to access bin to hand back snacks. Don't forget to bring a little bag or box to help keep the trash in one spot. 





Packing Tip

Instead of giving each kid their own suitcase, try grouping outfits together by day/activity. Plan out what outfits your kids will all wear each day/night and group them all together by when they will be worn. For example, Monday daytime, zoo visit, Thursday dinner out, etc. Put them all together by event in a bag or just with a rubber band and label each set. This is also great because an older sibling or another family member can help out with getting the kids ready to go! 





Our Favorite Travel Toys 

Click on the collage below or title above to be directly linked to some our favorite travel toys to bring with you on your next trip!



We hope you have found some of these ideas helpful for your upcoming summer plans! Safe travels!

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