Summertime Parenting Hacks

Summertime Parenting Hacks

Here are some of our favorite parenting hacks! These work great for those summer days with kids being home and outside more. Click on the title of any hack to be linked to more detailed information.

Squirt Toys

Use hot glue to close the opening of water squirt toys to prevent water from getting inside. This tip will only work on new squirt toys that have not been used in water. Even if you try and squirt all the water out at the end of each use, there is still a very high chance that mold will grow inside. Sure, your toys won't squirt anymore but they still float and are fun in the water. The best part is, they won't be filled with mold!




Popsicle Hack

This is a game changer for any outdoor playdates you have this summer. Put your freezer pops inside of an insulated water bottle, add ice, and place the lid on top.This helps to keep your popsicles frozen and is a great size to toss in a tote bag. 




Popsicle Drips by @engaging_littles

This cool popsicle hack was shared on Instagram by @engaging_littles. Take a silicone muffin cup liner and poke a small hole in it. Push the stick of the popsicle through the hole. Now you have a drip catcher for any melted ice dripping down your popsicle! So smart! 





Marker Removal

If your child has drawn on the walls (even with a permanent marker) we have a great tip for you! Spray your wall with suncreen and use a dry cloth to wipe away the marker. Some areas might need a bit more scrubbing than others but how cool is this hack?! Although, we hope you will never have to use it haha! 





Muffin Tin Snacks

Try this idea the next time you want to add a little fun to snack time. Use a muffin tin and fill each compartment with a different snack. It's a great way to add variety to snack time and cuts down on dishes. The muffin compartments also make great holders for dips. This snack tray is always a hit with kids!  





Bubble Spills 

Tired of your child spilling all of the bubbles out of the tube? Take some painter's tape and tape it up outside. This way your child can easily dip the wand in without accidentally (or purposely) spilling the bubbles everywhere! 





Bubble Handle by @engaging_littles

This smart hack was shared by @engaging-littles on Instagram. Sometimes it can be hard for little fingers to reach the wand in the smaller size bubble containers. Clip a chip clip to the end of the wand to help make it easer to reach and prevent it from falling back into the bubbles each time they dip it. 





Restaurant Entertainment 

This is a fun activity to entertain your child at a restaurant and doesn't involve any screens (not that there is anything wrong with that!). Have your child draw a picture on a piece of paper. Then, write the letters A-Z hidden all over the picture. Have your child go through and find every letter in alphabetical order and circle it. This is a great activity that is easy to set up and keeps kids engaged. 






If putting sunscreen on you child is a chore, you will want to try this hack! Buy a cheap makeup brush and use it to apply the sunscreen to your child's face. They like it so much more than you rubbing it directly on their face. 





Packing Clothes 

Instead of packing each kid's clothes in a different suitcase, try grouping all of your kid's outfits by day/activity. Wrap them up with a rubber band or put them in a ziploc bag and label them with the event they will be worn for. For example, "dinner night 2", "zoo day", etc. This helps out so much when everyone is trying to get ready in the hotel room. 



We hope you are enjoying the summer and that these parenting hacks can help you out a bit!