Valentine's Day Art and Sensory Fun!

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, so it's the perfect time to try out these fun art and sensory activities within a Valentine's theme! 


Heart Water Play

Take your favorite sensory bin and fill it with water. If you want to be extra festive you can add a drop of pink food coloring and some biodegradable glitter. Add in some foam hearts, cups, and acrylic vase filler. Let your child scoop, pour and play however they want! 




Magic Heart Art

Draw some hearts with a marker, then use a white crayon to write little messages or draw little pictures inside the hearts. Have your child use water color paint to paint each heart and watch the hidden drawings appear! This is a favorite with kids! 




Caterpillar Art by happytoddlerplaytime

This cute project was shared by @happytoddlerplaytime. Take a piece of paper and number it 1-8 or so down the left hand side. Clip pom poms or cottonballs inside of clothespins and have your child dip them in paint. Then, stamp the same amount of circles as the number on the paper says. For example, next to the 4 your child will stamp 4 circles to make the body of the caterpillar. This is a fun way to combine math and art! 




Frozen Heart

For this activity you will need a heart shaped bowl. Put water and gems in it, freeze it overnight, and you have yourself such a festive and fun sensory play activity for your kids the next day! You can add in extra things like a drop of food coloring, pom poms, etc. 




Heart Patterns 

This is a simple one but so engaging! Draw 4 hearts in the corner of a large piece of white paper. Make a key by coloring each heart in a different way such as marker, dot marker, paint, colored pencil, etc. Then draw multiple sets of 4 hearts all over the paper. Give your child the different coloring supplies they need and have them color the sets of hearts matching the key you made. 




Pipe Cleaner Roses by chasing50toes

This sweet project was shared by @chasing50toes on Instagram. Take red pipe cleaners and roll them into a spiral. Glue them down and use green paint or markers to create a stem and leaves. 




Heart Mobile

Cut hearts out of leftover cardboard. Use liquid glue and and scraps of paper, tissue paper, glitter, etc to decorate your hearts. When the hearts are fully dry, poke a hole in the top of the heart and put a piece of string through. Tie them on to a small branch or stick to create an adorable heart mobile. 


We hope you enjoy these hands on, play based activities. Happy Valentine's Day!