4th of July Fun!

4th of July Fun!

Looking for some fun and patriotic activities for your kids to make for 4th of July? Look no further, we've got you covered! We have included lots of fun activities, with options for kids of all ages. Click the title of any of the activities below to be linked to more detailed directions. 


Patriotic Pasta Sensory Bin

Take dry pasta and dye it red, white, and blue. Click the title above for full directions on how to do that. Allow the pasta to full dry. Add some red, white, and blue pom poms, plastic trinkets, etc to a large plastic bin. Pour in the patriotic pasta and you have yourself a fun and festive sensory bin!





DIY Noisemaker

Take one paper plate and put a handful of dry beans on it. Use hot glue to glue down a popsicle stick with most of it sticking out so it can be used as a handle. Then, put hot glue all around the edge of the paper plate. Take another plate and press it down onto the glue, bottom side up. Allow this to fully dry. After it is dry, let your kids decorate it with markers, stickers, glitter, etc. 





Straw Necklace by @another_day_in_prek

This fun project was shared on Instagram by @another_day_in_prek. Get some festive colored paper straws and cut them into small pieces. Having your kids do this is also great fine motor practice. Then take some red or blue yarn and have your child string the straws on it to make necklaces and bracelets. You could even use the straw pieces as a sensory bin filler. 





Make a Flag

This is so simple but fun! Take red, white, and blue magnetic tiles and have your kids make a flag with them. We love this brand of Magna Tiles (linked here). If the weather is nice where you live, head outside and make the flag on your garage door! 





Firework Math

Draw simple fireworks on a piece of white paper. Write a basic math equation on each line of the fireworks (make sure that some equal 10). In the bottom corner of the paper make a key. Equations that equal 10 will be red. Equations that DON'T equal 10 will be blue. Have your child solve all of the math problems. After that, they will use the key to color code the lines either red or blue. They can use a marker, crayon, or even a Q-tip dipped in paint.





Color Matching by @entertainmytoddler

This patriotic idea was shared on Instagram by @entertainmytoddler. Use dot markers (linked here) or regular markers and draw dots, in red and blue all over a piece of paper. Take red and blue star stickers and have your child stick them on top of the matching color dot. This is something even young toddlers can enjoy and have success with.  





Build a Star 

For this activity you will need popsicle sticks and red and blue plastic cups. It's as easy as that! Challenge your kids to try and build a star. They can even balance little trinkets on top. When they are done they can free play with the supplies and make their own creations. 




Water Balloon Color Match 

This isn't a 4th of July specific activity but would be super fun for kids if you're hosting a BQQ. Fill up a bunch of water balloons (these ones linked here are so much easier and faster to fill). Then make colored Xs on your driveway with colored painter's tape. Have the kids take the water balloons and throw them at the X that is the same color. For example, throw the green balloons at the green X, etc. Any extra balloons you have could be used for a good old fashioned water balloon fight! 


We hope you have a fun and safe 4th of July! 

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