Apple Activities

Apple Activities

Fall is right around the corner, and if we start doing fall activities with our kids the weather will cool off, right?! Haha! We have gathered up some adorable apple activities and books for you to kick off the fall season. 


Apple Sort

Draw 3 trees on a large piece of white paper. Tape it to your wall. Cut sticky notes in half and draw an apple on each one. Put one apple sticky note of each color on a tree to start the sort. Place the rest of the sticky notes on the wall around the paper with the trees on it. Place some up high where your kids will have to go on their tippy toes to reach and some down low where they will have to bend down and get it. Have your child grab an apple and stick it to the correct tree. Continue this until all of the apples have been sorted.



Apple STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) Activity

Cut apples into a variety of shapes and sizes. Depending on the ages of your kids, you could use a child safe knife and let them cut the apple pieces. Next, give them toothpicks and challenge them to create and build whatever structures they want. You could challenge them to try and use a certain number of apples or try to make it a certain height. The possibilities are endless!




Apple Bubble Wrap Painting by @hellowonderful_co

Check out this adorable apple bubble wrap painting created by @hellowonderful_co, such a cool way to use bubble wrap! Visit her Instagram account to get all the details and templates you need. 




Apple Math 

Draw a tree with the black marker, set out a die, and make directions on the bottom of the paper for what color apples to make when each number is rolled. In this example, 1 and 2= red, 3 and 4= yellow, and 5 and 6= green. You could add another die and make larger numbers if you wanted as well. Have your child roll the die, count what number is on the die, and look at the directions to see what color apple to place on the tree using the dot markers (linked here).


Apple Cheerio Threading 

This activity is great for fine motor practice. Poke some toothpicks in an apple and let your child thread their favorite O shaped cereal onto each toothpick. Of course, toothpicks can be sharp so you will need to decide if this is an activity that would be age appropriate for your child. 



Hidden Letter Apple by @engaging_littles 

@engaging_littles came up with a great apple themed way to practice letters. Draw an apple, write letters all over the inside of it using a white crayon, then have your child use water colors or dot markers to paint over it. Have them say each letter they discover. Check out the full details on her Instagram post linked above. 



"Magic" Apples

Draw a tree on foil using a permanent marker. Then draw apples using a dry erase marker. Pour water on top and watch the apples fall from the tree!



Apple Themed Books 

These are some great kid friendly books all about apples. We have included board books, fiction, nonfiction, and easy readers! There is something for every reading level. All the books are linked here


We hope these apple activities help get you and your kids in the fall spirit!  Happy playing and learning! 

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