April Showers Bring May Flowers (activities!)

Here comes spring and we have some super fun flower and plant activities just for you! We have a mix of indoor and outdoor choices, depending on the weather where you live. We hope these bring some fun and learning into your home! 

Color Hunt

This is a favorite at Stay at Home Activity Mom! Take a scrap piece of cardboard and divide it up into different colors of the rainbow. Clip on a clothespin in each section. Head outside and try and find something in nature that matches each section you have. Each time you find something, clip it on the matching section of the cardboard. 





Roll and Color Flowers 

On a large piece of white paper, draw a bunch of blank flowers. Make a key in the corner showing numbers 1-6 and what number each color is. Example: 1=red, 2=orange, and so on. Have your child roll a die, then refer to the key to see what color they will use to color a flower. Continue doing this until all the flowers have been colored. 





Spray the Plants 

It's as simple as it sounds. Fill a spray bottle with water, then head outside. Give your child the spray bottle and have then walk around and spray the plants and trees. Kids love this and it is GREAT fine motor practice! 





Cupcake Number Flowers by @happytoddlerplaytime

This adorable math project was shared by @happytodllerplaytime on Instagram. Take an old egg carton (upside down) and poke a small hole in each compartment. Then, use colorful muffin liners and write a number 1-12 or 1-18 depending on the size of your egg carton. Glue each liner onto a popsicle stick and let it fully dry. Then, have your child take the flowers and poke them into the holes of the container in the correct number order. 





Flower "Soup" 

This is another super low prep but very engaging activity. Go outside and fill a bowl or tray with water. Then have your child gather up flowers (and/or leaves) to put it in the water to make "soup". Let them free play with this however they want. You can even add some spoons or scoops to add to the fun. 





Magic Blooming Flowers 

You can draw or print out flowers for this activity. Cut them out and fold the petals into the center of the flower. Place them in a shallow dish of water and watch them "bloom". So cool! 




Leaf Creatures

These little cuties are so easy and fun to make! Head outside to gather up some leaves of varying sizes. Then take liquid glue to glue down some googly eyes. Let them fully dry and then you have these adorable little leaf creatures. 





Paper Plate Crown

Take a paper plate and cut out the center. Then, head outside to gather up some flowers. Poke holes in the crown to poke the flower stems through. Flip it over and use some clear packing tape to help secure the flowers. 




Number Flowers by @montessoridadsway

@montessoridadsway shared this fun number flowers art project. On a large piece of paper, draw 5 flowers and label each one with a different number 1-5 on the inside of the flower. Then using small pieces of paper or post-it notes, write different ways to create each number and have your child stick them on as petals to the matching flower. For example, you could write equations, do tally marks, dice dots, etc. Such a cute way to get some math practice in. 





Magna-Tile Flower

This flower was made from Magna-Tiles Qubix (linked here). These are such a fun variation of the flat Magna-Tiles. After your child creates a flower they can use their imagination to create anything else they want! 





Leaf Art

Gather up any larger size leaves you can find. Then get a variety of paint colors and let your kids paint the leaves however they want. This is a fun one to do outside if the weather is nice. Pro-tip: have an adult paint the leaves white first and let them dry overnight. The colored paint you use will stick and show up a bit better if you do this step first. 





Play at Home Preschool: Plants

This preschool unit comes with 10 days of lesson plans including math, literacy, and letter work activities. It gives you a detailed overview for each day as well as a list of supplies needed. All of the lessons go along with a plant theme. Such a great way to have some intentional learning time with your child. 




Happy Spring from Stay at Home Activity Mom!


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