Easter Activities (many you can do today)!

Easter Activities (many you can do today)!

It's hard to believe Easter is right around the corner, since it is so early this year. Check out some of our favorite Easter activities... chances are you have the supplies and can get started on one today! Click on the title of any activity to be linked to more detailed directions on Instagram.  


Egg Symmetry 

Use playdough to work on symmetry! Draw Easter egg outlines on cardboard with a permanent marker. Don't forget the line of symmetry down the middle. Then, cover them with packing tape to make them reusable. Have your child use the playdough to create symmetrical designs on each side. 




Paper Towel Egg

With a permanent marker, draw an egg on a paper towel. Drop colored water (water  +1 drop of food coloring) on the egg using a dropper. Let it dry and admire your beautiful artwork! 




Egg Watercolor Art

Print out (or use a permanent marker) to make an Easter egg outline. Use a permanent marker to make all sorts of designs inside the egg. Paint with watercolor paint all over the eggs. Dry and admire!




Carrot Name by engaging_littles

This cute activity was shared on Instagram by @engaging_littles. Cut out little paper carrots and write one letter of your child's name on each carrot. Then, have your child glue them down on paper in the correct order. You can make this a bit more challenging for older kids by having them write the letters themselves. You can also miix up all the carrots and they have to find what letter comes next to glue down.




Egg Match

Such a fun way to repurpose plastic Easter eggs! With a permanent marker, make matches on the eggs. Example: Letters, letters to sounds, shapes, numbers, etc. Open the eggs and mix them up. Challenge your child to match the eggs and put them back together.




Easter "Gingerbread Houses"

Use graham crackers to make a "gingerbread" house. Leave one wall off so you can put marshmallow chicks or bunnies inside. *Pro Tip: use a hot glue gun to assemble your houses. You won't be able to eat them but it makes them so much easier to build and way more sturdy! Buy a variety of Easter candy to decorate the houses with. 




Cardboard Bunny Counting 

Cut squares from a cardboard box and draw a simple bunny on each one (make sure you make enough for each number). Use painter's tape/craft tape on a vertical surface going sticky side up. At the top of each piece of tape stick a number.  Have your child stick the correct number of bunnies under each number. Such a fun way to practice counting! 




Jelly Bean Sort by chasing50toes

@chasing50toes shared this Easter math activity on Instagram and it sure is cute! Draw two Easter baskets. Label one "odd" and one "even". Write a variety of numbers on dot stickers and have your child sort them into the correct basket.





Marbled Shaving Cream Art 

Swirl food coloring drops on top of shaving cream (NOT gel). We do this inside of a baking dish or tray. Gently press an egg shaped paper down on top of the shaving cream, remove, scrape off the extra ( a popsicle stick works well for this), and admire your beautiful work! 




Easter Balancing Challenge 

Collect your Easter trinkets and challenge your child to balance them on top of blocks. You can also do this with toilet paper tubes and plastic Easter eggs...so fun!




Dot Sticker Egg

Print out or draw an outline of an Easter egg. Give your child dot stickers and have them decorate the egg. You can make this a bit more challenging by coloring dots on the Easter egg first and then have your child place the dot stickers on top of the matching color dots you drew.




Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunts are such a fun tradition but can be time consuming to fill and prep the eggs. If you need a little time saver this year, click on the collage below to be linked to some adorable pre-filled eggs!



Easter Egg Dying 


Spring Craft Kits 


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