Fun With Flowers

Fun With Flowers

Spring/Summer means there are lots of flowers in bloom, so what a great time to get busy on some flower themed activities. Below are 11 of our favorite Stay at Home Activity Mom created flower activities. Many of them you probably already have the supplies for, so you can get started today!

Magna Tile- Flower

This flower was made using Magna-Tile Qubix (linked here) but you could easily modify it with some other type of magnetic tile you have. This Qubix variation of MagnaTiles is just so fun! Your child's imagination can soar when creating with these.

Flower "Soup"

Head outside and gather up some flowers. Add water to a bin or tray. If you want to be extra fun you can add a drop or two of food coloring to the water. Drop the flowers in and add some scoops and spoons and let your child play however they want with their flower "soup".

Dot the A

Draw a picture with different colors and write a bunch of different colored A’s (or whatever letter you are practicing) all over the page. Make sure the colors you make your A’s are also the colors you have to “dot”. For this example we used dot markers (linked here) to dot the A’s, but you could also use Q-tips and paint, dot stickers, or just dot the letters with markers! Use what you have! For kids a bit older you can draw a picture with lots of different letters. Then have them search for the A’s (lowercase and uppercase) among other letters to make it more difficult.

Dirt Writing Tray

Put a very THIN layer of dirt in a shallow tray. Try to find a flower with a long stem (one that’s not too flimsy) and use the stem as your writing tool! To erase, simply shake the tray and repeat! This one is seriously SO easy, so different, and so fun! Your child can practice the correct pencil grip on the stem by making lots of lines and curves. They can also practice their handwriting and even write a few sight words they are working on!

Leaf Creature

This isn't technically a flower but these leaf creatures are just too cute not to mention. Head outside and gather up some leaves around your yard. Then use liquid glue to glue down the googly eyes. Let them dry and admire your adorable little creatures!

Paper Plate Flower Crown

Take a paper plate and cut a circle out from the middle using a sharp knife or scissors. Make sure it fits your child’s head. Poke some holes in the crown and grab some tape (we used clear packaging tape here). Head outdoors with your child and let them collect nature treasures and decorate! They can thread flowers and leaves through the poked holes, and you can secure other treasures using the tape.

Roll and Color

...or roll and dot, paint, put stickers on, etc. Basically grab whatever it is you want your child to use to decorate lots of flowers that you draw on paper.Bring out one die and make a key on the paper, showing your child what to use for each number rolled. If you want to go really crazy, add two dice and have an extra long key! We used dot markers in this example (linked here). Your child will have so much fun rolling, counting, and working on fine motor skills.

Dot Sticker Flowers

Draw flowers without petals, write numbers in the middle of each one, and write different representations of those numbers on multiple colored dot stickers! Tally marks, ten frames, stars, written numbers, etc.If you have a little one working on number identification and number sense, save this idea!

Egg Carton Flower Tree

This project is a great way to turn garbage into a piece of art. Take an empty egg carton and cut out the individual egg holders to become the "flowers". Next, take an old piece of cardboard and have your child paint a large tree on it. Allow that to dry before using liquid glue to glue on the egg holders all around the tree. Let those dry for a few minutes, then have your child paint all of the egg holders to turn them into flowers. This project turns out so pretty!

Magic Blooming Flowers

You can draw or print flowers for this activity. Then cut them out and fold each petal inward. Place in a tray/bin of water to watch them bloom! Your child will want to do this one again and again. So simple but so exciting!

Magnatile Centerpieces

Have your children make mini flower vases using your magnatiles! Create one cube for each color of the rainbow. Want to take it an extra step further? Find flowers that match each color vase. Aren't these just so pretty? What a fun way to have your children help decorate the table for a special family dinner.
Maganatiles are such an amazing screen free toy that provides so many options for open ended play. They are one of our favorite toys here at SAHAM. Grab a set here if you don't already have them.


We hope you enjoy these flower themed activities and are able to get outside and enjoy the flowers in your area before it gets too hot with summer temperatures. Tag us on Instagram in any of these activities that you try out!

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