Literacy Based Halloween Activities

It's never too early to get started on Halloween activities with your kids, right?! Included in this blog are some fun Halloween projects to do that are all somehow tied into literacy. Educational and fun! Yahoo! Click the title of any of the activities below to be linked to further details on Instagram. 


Dot the T

For this activity you will draw some Halloween pictures such as a cat, pumpkin, candy, etc. Then, in and around those pictures you write a T (or whatever letter your child is working on). The first letter of their name is always a great one to start with or step up the challenge and use a sight word. Give your child dot markers (our favorites are linked here) and have them dot the letter or sight word. The repetition really helps them to learn it. 



Witch Match

For this activity you will need paper, markers, and dot stickers. Draw little witches all over the paper and color in their dress or face (be sure to use colors that match the dot stickers you have). Draw little faces on the dot stickers and have your child match the face to a witch that has the same color. To make this literacy focused, have your child match letters/sight words on the witches instead of colors.





Read and Dot by @my_busy_kid 

@my_busy_kid shared this fun idea on Instagram called "Read and Dot". Draw two vines of pumpkins and inside each one write a different ending sound your child is working on. In the picture they used "og" and "ot". You can modify this to be just letter sounds, other ending sounds, blends, sight words, etc. Make a key at the top of the paper and have your child color code each pumpkin according to the key. 




Haunted House ABCs

For this activity you will need white paper, black paper, yellow and white crayons, and yellow and black dot stickers. Draw a haunted house on the black paper, cut it out, and glue it onto the white paper.  Using your white crayon, write letters all over the house (these will eventually be the "windows"). Take a black crayon and draw some bats in the sky with different letters on their bodies. Then, write letters on the black and yellow dot stickers. Be sure that the letters you write on the black sticks match what letters you wrote on the bats. Also, check that the letters you write on the yellow stickers match what you wrote on the house. Have your child match the yellow and black stickers to the corresponding letters on the paper to create an ABC haunted house. This can be modified to match uppercase/lowercse letters, sight words, even numbers! 



Spider ABC Match

On a large piece of white paper draw a spider web with spiders. Inside each spider body, write one letter of the alphabet. On dot stickers, write each letter of the alphabet (one per sticker). To make this a bit more challenging, don't write the letters in order on the sticker sheet. Have your child peel off letter stickers and place it on the matching spider. 




Find and Cover by @engaging_littles

engaging_littles shared this cute name recognition activity on Instagram. Draw the outline of a pumpkin on a piece of paper and write letters all around the inside of it (be sure to use all the letters in your child's name). Then, write your child's name across the top of the paper. Have them find and cover only the letters of their name using pumpkin seeds. Instead of working on their first name you could use their last name or even a spelling word they are studying. 



Writing Tray

 This is a combination of sensory and literacy and will be a hit with your kids! You will color salt orange (full directions linked here) and let it fully dry. Then pour it into a tray that has sides and let your child practice writing their letters, name, sight words, etc. Some kids prefer to write holding a little tool (pictured below) and others just like to use their finger. After some letter work let them have a chance to free draw too. It's a really calming activity. 




Play at Home Preschool: Halloween

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We hope you have a spooktacular time kicking off the Halloween season with these fun and educational literacy activities! 


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