Our Home Classroom

Once I knew that I would have both my kids home in the fall (full distance kindergarten and homeschool preschool), I knew I wanted to create a special learning area in our house. Since I'm a huge play-based learning advocate, I decided to turn our playroom into our "classroom." It involved a lot of decluttering, moving some toys out of the playroom into other areas of the house, and making the space free of distractions. I'm so happy with the way it turned out!
During the process of creating this room, I posted an instagram video and had lots of questions about the furniture pieces. So below are pictures of our home classroom/playroom with affiliated links to some of the items you see!
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The Table and Chairs
The picture above is not the exact table and chairs that we got, but it's pretty similar. It's a little smaller and comes with only 2 chairs. It's perfect for smaller learning areas at home. It could fit in the corner of a room nicely. If you're interested in the bigger one with 4 chairs that we have, head to Wayfair and check it out right here.
The Bookshelves with Storage Cubes
We have multiple sets of these bookshelves with storage cubes. It's a great way to have your room not look cluttered and to organize your toys/supplies. I labeled each cube with a description of what is in each one and added a picture to the label to help my kids (and husband haha) with more efficient clean up. Some of my cube labels include: Legos, Magnet Tiles, Dolls, Learning Games, Figures, and Imaginative Play. My "junky" toys (the plastic toys that light up, make noise, and don't have many uses), I moved out of this space. I wanted the toys in here to truly be toys that encourage creativity and ones that we would incorporate into learning activities often.
Kids Display Bookshelf
This cute little bookshelf is the one I have in our home classroom reading corner. This shelf is where I will be displaying my themed books from my Play at Home Preschool curriculum. Each unit comes with suggested book lists, and I will be putting some of those books on display since we will be reading them often during the unit.
Reading Corner Round Rug and Pillow
I love that I found a calendar on Amazon that isn't the traditional blue! I got this and downloaded this classroom themed decor bundle from TPT and am using those inserts for the calendar numbers, days, etc.
These are the very basics for the room. Let me know if you would also be interested in a more detailed post including our supplies too!
Thanks for checking out our home learning space!