The Monster Mash? How About Some Monster Math?

For this weeks Halloween activities, we have pulled together some math inspired activities for you to try out with your children. As always, these ideas are play based and educational all in one.... what could be better than that?! Click on the title of any activity below to be linked to more detailed directions on Instagram. 


Roll a Monster

Draw a squiggly outline of a monster on the right hand side of a piece of paper. Then make a key on the left hand side. Have your child roll the die and follow whatever directions are on the key. You can do this many times to make a variety of monsters! If you want to take it a step further you could cut out the monsters and use them as homemade Halloween decorations around your house.  




Candy Corn Numbers

One way to help kids understand numbers as a quantity is by practicing different representations of each number (ten frames, dots, tally marks, etc.). This fun candy corn number activity does just that! Draw some candy corns on paper (you may want to draw them a bit bigger than what's pictured below), color them in, then in the middle (orange section), write a different number in each candy. Ask your child to do different representations of each number on the white and yellow sections of each candy corn. We focused on dots and tally marks in this example.




Ghost Eyes by engaging_littles

This cute idea comes from @engaging_littles on Instagram! Draw a variety of ghost outlines on a piece of white paper. Inside each ghost, write different representations of numbers. Some can be a number by itself or maybe some simple addition problems. Give your child a bowl of googly eyes and have them place the correct number of eyes inside of each ghost. 




Dot Sticker Pumpkin

This is a great no-mess pumpkin decorating activity. Make a key, then let your child roll the die, and add a dot sticker to their pumpkin. Continue as many times as you wish!



Monster Hair

On an upside down paper cup, draw a monster’s face. Get out one die or two dice and at least 12 pom poms.  You could even play with two kids and make it more of a game. Have your child roll, identify the number rolled, and put that many pom poms on the monster’s “head” to make some crazy monster hair. Continue playing until you can't fit anymore pom poms on top. 




Ghost Race by @playfulcrafts

This fun game was created by @playfulcrafts on Instagram. Create a simple cardboard game board like the one pictured below. Play with up to 6 players. Pick a ghost and roll the die. Then, move forward that many spaces. If you land on a pumpkin, go forward one bonus space. If you don't have mini ghost figurines, you can also play with cereal pieces, mini pumpkins, etc. 




Candy Cover

Save this one to do right after Halloween! On a big piece of cardboard or paper, write the numbers 2-12 at least two times for each number. Take out 2 dice and some Halloween candy. Let your child roll the dice, say the number of the two numbers added together, take a piece of candy and find that number on the “board”. Cover the number up with the candy and roll again! If you roll a number that’s not on the board anymore because it’s already covered, just roll again!




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We hope you find these math activities not only educational but fun too! Enjoy some intentional number work with your child this week!   

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