Transportation - Unit 9: Play at Home Preschool

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Play at Home Preschool can be used as a play-based homeschool preschool curriculum or as a resource to guide learning and play with your little one.

Developed by Stay at Home Activity Mom (a former elementary school teacher with a background in child development and psychology), this program is sequential, intentional, simple to implement, and ensures your child will develop and build essential skills necessary to succeed in Kindergarten.

Unit Theme & Focus: Transportation
This unit focuses on various modes of transportation, why different types of transportation are used, and similarities and differences between the different types of transportation. Preschoolers will learn, explore, and play using a variety of materials while working on essential preschool skills. 

Unit includes:

  • 2 weeks (10 weekdays) of EASY to prepare, play-based lessons with weekly overviews, supply lists (using so many everyday items at home), focus skills, suggested books, and more!
  • Daily lesson plans, with photos of each activity:
    • one literacy or math activity
    • a second activity: art, sensory play, fine motor, gross motor, character education. STEM, etc.
    • a daily letter work activity for the focus letter of the unit

This unit is 42 pages, created for 2.5 - 5 year olds, and will be emailed to you as a downloadable PDF.

My favorite and recommended supplies and books are available here.

Check out the Full 18-Unit Play at Home Preschool Curriculum here.

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