(Mostly) Mess Free Gingerbread Houses!

Gingerbread houses are such a fun holiday activity but can definitely be pretty messy. If you want to make some gingerbread houses in a fun and mostly mess free way, then this blog is for you. Below, we have shared a variety of gingerbread house themed activities that don't involve the use of candy or frosting! Click on the title of any activity to be linked to more information about the project or store websites. 


Playdough Gingerbread House

For this activity you will need brown playdough, beads or other small holiday trinkets, and an empty tissue box. Cover the tissue box with brown playdough to make the house. Use more playdough to make a little walkway leading to the house too. Then, give your child the beads and trinkets to decorate their house however they want! Clean it up when you are done if you want to make it again another day. You can also leave it as it to air dry and have out as a holiday decoration. 




Life-Size Gingerbread House by craftmonsterz

@craftmonsterz shared with super cool life size gingerbread house on Instagram and your kids will love it! Tape together some large cardboard boxes to make the house. Use paper plates and tissue paper to make the decorations and "gumdrops". If you want to add some extra magic, tape some Christmas tree lights from the inside roof of the house. 




Velcro Changeable Gingerbread House

This idea came from frugalfun4boys.com and it seems so cute and fun! You will make a small gingerbread house out of cardboard. Then, put strips of velcro around the house. Take the other side of the velcro and attach it to little holiday trinkets. Your child can decorate the house over and over again because of the velcro. So cool!





Lego Duplo Gingerbread House

Talk about an awesome no sugar, no mess way to build a gingerbread house! This lego duplo set looks so fun and can be rebuilt multiple times, even year to year. Add these to your holiday shopping list. This set pictured below is linked here





Christmas Foam Gingerbread House 

Foam craft kits are always so fun and long lasting. They are also a bit easier to work with for little hands. This foam kit looks like a fun time for a family craft day! This kit is linked here




Magnet Tile Houses by @entertainmytoddler

 This cute little magnet tile house village was shared on Instagram by @entertainmytoddler. Although, it is not shown as "gingerbread houses" with a little creativity and some holiday trinkets you could turn your favorite magnetic tiles (our favorites are linked here) into an adorable little gingerbread house village. 



Small Cardboard Houses

These cute gingerbread houses are assembled without glue, tape, etc. They come white so that your kids can color, paint, or attach stickers to them. There are 9 houses per set so they would be great for a neighborhood playdate or class party! 




Popsicle Stick Houses by @hellowonderful_co

These sweet little popsicle stick gingerbread houses were shared on Instagram by @hellowonderful_co. Such a cute and simple craft idea to make with your kids. 





Build and Paint Wooden Gingerbread House 

This kit does involve building and painting (which can be messy) but doesn't include frosting and candy so it makes for a nice option if you are wanting to try something different. Plus, these could be saved and put out again each year! 



 We hope these unique gingerbread house ideas bring some magic into your home this holiday season! 

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